Carlos Díaz

I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Economics at Universidad Alberto Hurtado (Santiago, Chile). My main fields of interest are the economics of crime, urban economics, household economics, and social networks.


Parents, neighbors and youth crime

Review of Economics of the Household 21 (2023): 673-692

(with E. Patacchini)  [SSRN WP] [IZA DP]

Stay at home if you can: COVID-19 stay-at-home guidelines and local crime

Journal of Empirical Legal Studies 19, No. 4 (2022): 1067-1113

(with S. Fossati and N. Trajtenberg) [SSRN WP]

Can OLPC reduce digital inequalities? ICT household access patterns under Plan Ceibal

Telecommunications Policy 46, No. 4 (2022): 102406 

(with M. Dodel and P. Menese) [SSRN WP]

Leaders in juvenile crime

Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 192 (2021): 638-667

(with E. Patacchini, T. Verdier and Y. Zenou) [CEPR DP] [IZA DP] [VoxEU] [Brookings Blog] 

A global analysis of the impact of COVID-19 stay-at-home restrictions on crime

Nature Human Behaviour 5, No. 7 (2021): 868-877 

(with A.E. Nivette, R. Zahnow, [...] and M.P. Eisner)  [Open Access] [Project] [Data] [Coverage] 

Social interactions in health behaviors and conditions

Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Economics and Finance (2019)

(with A. Balsa) [Oxford Encyclopedia of Health Economics] [RedUM] 

Self-control and peer groups: An empirical analysis 

Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 134 (2017): 240-254

(with M. Battaglini and E. Patacchini) [CEPR DP] [VoxEU]

Ongoing Projects

Uncovering the latent dependency structure of crime through matrix-autoregressive models and network analysis 

(with D. Durante, E. Patacchini and G. Zens)

Crime, policing, and electoral strategy

(with S. Fossati and N. Trajtenberg)

Retail and crime in Montevideo

(with S. Fossati and N. Trajtenberg

Unintended consequences of police custody: Lessons from a DV program 

(with A. Cid, J. Cabrera, J. Dubra, S. Fossati, O. Marie, N. Trajtenberg and F. Veneri)

COVID-19 and crime: A follow-up analysis with emphasis on strict lockdowns 

(with N. Trajtenberg, S. Fossati, [...] and M.P. Eisner)

Local randomization regression discontinuity for multi-unit event studies: Application to a penal procedure reform 

(with M. Cattaneo and R. Titiunik)

Crime data and political alignment 

(with D. Buil-Gil, P. Ezquerra, S. Fossati and N. Trajtenberg)